Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jul 18 2017 20:00

The Sisters were doin it for themselves!

James H

You could tell it was a hot night as attendance was down, but atmosphere and interaction certainly were not.

5 teams were after the £50 prize and as usual names were as varied and topical as ever, The R Kelly Cult to Concrete Sausages!

At half way we had a clear leader in the form of Twisted Sister who were 2.5 points clear of Bonnie's Bitches.

So during half time it was decided that we should have an extra free drink question with a game of heads and tails which required a tiebreaker question to sort out a winner.

This then took us into the second round where the Twisted Sisters (an all male team I might add) took their foot off the gas as Bonnie's Bitches were overhauled by The R Kelly Cult as they hinted down the half time leaders.

In the end there was only half a point in it as Twisted Sisters hung on to there lead but only by working out the weeks anagram with less than ten seconds to spare.

As for the booby prize - that for coming second last - this went to the all male team of Concrete Sausages who were the only team in touch with themselves enough to spot the logo of Pantenne!

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Top Teams
Twisted Sister
The R Kelly Cult
Bonny's Bit*hes
Concrete Sausages
T'Wit O'Two