Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Dec 12 2017 20:00

Thumbs up

James H

With 6 teams tonight you might think this was going to be a quiet night. How wrong you would be.

High energy with plenty of interaction going both ways made for an eventful evening at The CCC.

At halfway the leaders 'Sledgelords' held an advantage over a chasing pack of 3 teams all on the same point. They also began the second half in a good place winning the bonus point for correctly working out the anagram question first.

From then on it was down hill all the finished the evening winning the pack of crisps for 2nd last.

Victors 'The Quizteam Thumb' were exceptional in the second half and worthy winners closely followed by 'Bonny's Bit***s' who got beaten on play your cards right by a sneaky double in their attempt on the jackpot.

As for our most outrageously named entry of the week eho scored no points as usual, did a great job by answering many when it was time to give the answers.

So next week we have a jackpot of £97 and it will be time for some Christmas fun. See you there.

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The Quizteam Thumb
Bonnys Bit***s
Caz and Dave
The Christmas Baby lullaby from hell and burning abyss!