Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Nov 07 2017 20:00

Well Punks, Do You Feel Lucky?

James H

Well in response to the great words of Harry Callaghan, they certainly did.

What a belter of an evening again at the CCC with 7 teams going for the golden ticket of giant bar tab to be spent anytime over the next 4 weeks.

The team names ranged as ever from the bizarre to the ridiculous, including our regular 'Team Zero' who scores as his team name suggests but actually in reality scores much higher.

2 teams really stood out this evening though, and both for different reasons. Our winners 'It's Quizness Time' not only scooped the Jackpot but were the lucky winners of all the free drinks this evening! (A rethink methinks on this is on the cards!) However, it was our team who came second last with the longest name in team history so far, 'An Englishman, An Irishman, and Aussie and a Zimbo went into a bar' who not only got the coveted crisps but also got the closest to question entering them into the chance to win the jackpot by getting it spot on - who knew how many episodes of Lost there were, well they did!

Everybody was new this evening (other than'Team Zero') and all had a ball.

Until next time... keeeeeeep quizzing.


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