Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jan 16 2018 20:00

What a bunch of swingers

James H

12 Teams 42 people and some very alarming noises filled the CCC this Tuesday for the weekly challenge.

At halfway last weeks winners were clear leaders again scoring 19 out of a possible 24 points up for grabs at the time. (Including 1 for getting this weeks sequence of true or falses).

Then came the second half and things really began to move up a gear.

The anagram question this week was won again by 'Team Zero' aka 'Tomorrow never comes' for the 'blind samurai standing on the dark cliff of Armageddon' - undoubtedly his best team name yet. What is incredible about this young man is he gets them almost before I have finished asking the question.

The final result was a bit of all change though. We had two teams vying for the second last packets of crisps. This eventually went to the hypnotic team 'Look into my eyes' who also being closest to the closest to question got a failed attempt at the jackpot.

As one of the questions involved Tarzan. I thought that this evenings final chance to win a bonus point for teams should involve a Tarzan related task! Unfortunately there are now vines hanging from the ceiling of the CCC so with a team of 'Unsuspecting chaps' standing at the bar acting as adjudicators the best Tarzan calls sounds within the pub!


In the end following a disastrous second half last weeks winners were over hauled and a team that we hope to see again next week, 'The see you next Tuesdays' were victorious!

See you and them next week where the jackpot reaches the dizzy heights of £233.

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