Catford Constitutional Club Tue, May 08 2018 20:00

Who put the brakes on? £250 Jackpot next week

James H

The Tuesday night after a bank holiday is always going to be a quiet one, but even though numbers were down as a result, the energy and atmosphere in the room was certainly highly charged.

Tonight's team name theme was motoring and as ever The CCC teams were up for the challenge. We had everything from a rather crude interpretation of our famous local motor racing circuit, to quizzical puns like the clever "Audi you expect to win this quiz". However, the clear winner was "Highway Quiztee Nine" as voted by the bar staff and unanimously agreed by everybody.

We had great impersonators of both the Queen and Sean Connery and in some cases, a cross between the two! We also had plenty of free drinks up for grabs and of course a bonus for the weekly anagram. This was once again won by Team Zero who was waving his hand before I had once again finished reading out the question. His team name this week resembling a Country and Western ballad!

So last weeks second last team did it again getting the Crisps (Brands *****) but the most unlucky team of all has to go to "Pull My Handbrake" who changed two of their answers last minute. The first won cost them victory overall by 1/2 a point and the second one cost them a chance at the £240 jackpot. This was attempted again by Team 'Zero' who got scuppered by a double nine.

So congratulations to Baby Driver our ultimate winners and congratulations to everybody else for such a high energy evening of fun.

See you next time for a £250 Jackpot!

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