Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Feb 20 2018 20:00

Wizarding Hound Strikes Lucky While Closest Rivals Quiz Themselves

James H

10 teams this week fought for the plethora of prizes on offer at The CCC.

Free drinks, crisps a fifty pound bar tab and some MONEY! £250 to be precise. :)

As usual there was much hilarity and general carrying`s on as always with 'Team Zero' assisting the quizmaster with asking the generic questions we get each week - like who is behind the smiley, name that place and "name the cryptic tube station"!

And on the subject of our regular 'Team Zero' he was nearly beaten this week to the anagram but just pipped 'Captain ACAB' to the extra prize. Both I might add got it written down in under 10 seconds.

So we reach the end of the quiz and the top three teams are seperated by 0.25 of a point. We don't normally go for quarter points but one question this week lead to it.

Commiserations must go to third placed team 'We're Only Here For The Bar Tab, and also at this time to the second placed team 'Quizzing My pants who were beaten on a tiebreaker question. This left a team named after their dog victorious of the winning £50 voucher to spend in the pub over the next month.

However, it was not over as the jackpot was still to be played for. Winners of the closest too question which gave a team a chance at this were the previously second placed team of thinking underwear.

Six cards later and to roars of encouragement the team who had missed out on the £50 voucher were victorious scooping the £250 prize.

So a great night at The CCC and more fun to be had next week when the new jackpot will still be a highly respectable £136.

See you then. :)

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