Champion Tue, Nov 08 2016 20:00

An American Dream Team

Graham E

A large contingent of University students from Arkansas made for a lively atmosphere at The Champion, with 'Team Dream' clinching first place and the £50 bar tab with a score of 32. 'Uncle Bud!' took the bottle of wine for second-to-last with 25.5, however their captain and professor invited me to take it, saying that they wouldn't be drinking it as the rest of the team were under 21 and, being American, regarded as minors! Of course, being the professional I am, and not wanting to leave myself open to accusations of bribery, I couldn't accept their kind offer, and so donated the rather nice merlot to deserving regulars Quiz Robshaw who have been unlucky of late, but who once again performed well on the night, with a very creditable score of 30.5.

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