Champion Tue, Apr 24 2018 20:00

Titantic sinks Quiz but Jackpot stays at £250 for next week!

Graham E

Well folks it was just one of those nights! Everything was going so swimmingly, right up to the jackpot question on how long the Titanic took to drop beneath the waves after hitting the iceberg. Sadly, the maths skills of yours truly let him down, giving false hope to 'Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers', who he wrongly called as being closest to the correct answer when it was in fact 'Tiny Rebellion' who should have had the opportunity to pick an envelope. Fortunately, the error was spotted by the ever focussed members of 'Team Burling' and so we were able to make things right. 'Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers' were able to overcome their disappointment with a £50 bar tab for winning the quiz proper, while 'Tiny Rebellion' seemed very happy to share the bag of crisps contained within their chosen envelope. Aussie duo 'Bushy Grillz' were delighted to collect the bottle of wine for second-to-last, and, as the jackpot wasn't won, it stays at £250 for next week, when the number of envelopes to pick from will have been reduced to six! See you then!

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