Cherry Tree Sun, Jul 22 2018 19:00

"Bonnie & Clyde" Team Up To Defeat Their Rivals

Peter C

Will there be no end to the 2018 heatwave?? Temperatures were certainly rising at East Dulwich’s premier quizzing destination this Sunday...

Only 1 point separated the top three as "Bonnie & Clyde" stole it from "Trains To Brazil" (31 apiece) on penalties - also known as rock, paper, scissors.

Contestant Jack was unlucky to miss out on the £195 rollover jackpot. A tearful post-match interview was expected by all but our man was defiant, stating he was simply delighted to have 'spent the weekend with his family' and 'watered the plants' - words to inspire any stand-up citizen.

Come down next week to make £212 yours and yours only!

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