Cherry Tree Sun, Feb 25 2018 19:00

I’m The Quiz Man. No I’m The Quiz (wo)man!

Sophie J

The bitter cold in Dulwich meant that The Cherry Tree was relatively quiet this week but the four teams who did take part gave some stellar performances!

Tonight, we had the youngest ever quiz participants (that I’ve seen, anyway) at ages 3 and 8. Putting their parents to shame, they held the team up!

This week, ‘Let’s Get Ready To Crumble’ took home gold with 35 points, landing themselves a £50 bar tab. Sadly we had no winner of the jackpot meaning the jackpot will be over £200 next week.

Stand out performance from “I’m The Quiz Man” who owed their 26 point score to approximately 36 bottles of wine.

See you next Sunday! :))

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