Cherry Tree Sun, Aug 12 2018 19:00

Jackpot Won at Last

Peter C

Imagine wandering down to your local, paying £2 to enter the weekly pub quiz, and coming away £250 richer a couple of hours later...

I’m pleased to report that our hero Bethan doesn’t have to! Yes, you heard me right! The Cherry Tree’s rollover jackpot was finally won this evening! And the best thing about it was that it couldn’t have been won by a nicer team. Big up Bethan and the "Cunning Stunts".

Congratulations also go to this week’s winners "The Quackening", as well as all the other teams who took part on what was a boisterous and joyous evening. Pub quizzing was the real winner here!

Come down next week to join the fun at East Dulwich’s #1 quiz!

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