Cherry Tree Sun, Sep 24 2017 19:00

Riddle me quiz

Tok A

There's a basket with eight eggs inside it. Standing around the basket are eight people. Each one of those people takes an egg out of the basket however there is still one egg left in the basket. How is that?
Know the answer? All right brain box how about this....
What's gets harder to catch the faster you run? - what, don't tell me you know the answer to that one to...
What gets wetter as it dries?
I mean, if you found all of the above incredibly easy then my friend you're in a minority. The majority of people that are faced with these questions panic and have no idea what the answers are. But if you knew them that easily when others didn't then just how many other things do you know that others don't. All of that untapped knowledge is being wasted on instagram no cat videos online when you could be quizzing it up on a Sunday night!

Share your wisdom dear one. Or at the very least, buy all of your friends a pound with the £50 winnings. Come on!

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