Cherry Tree Sun, Jul 08 2018 19:00

So Close....Yet So Far

Peter C

There was Jackpot agony on a sweltering night this week at East Dulwich’s premier quizzing venue...

Before the drama unfolded we had 5 teams of 15 players all crowding as close as humanly possible to the only open window in the pub - and some quizzing happened too. "Miss Vanjie" scored an impressive 40 to take home the £50 bar tab, and special mentions must go to our two teams of two players ("Out With the Old, In With the Nucleus" & "Bonnie & Clyde"), with a very creditable 29 each.

Maddy of "Out With the Old, In With the Nucleus" had a shot at redemption in our rollover game, with a cool £163 on offer. With one card to go, she had a 50/50 chance and guessed wrong, resulting in an absolutely agonising finish.

We will go again! Come down next week to try your luck at £178!

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Out With the Old, In With the Nucleus
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