Cherry Tree Sun, Oct 15 2017 19:00

The Perfect medicine

Tok A

We've all had those terrible days. Where a random event can completely alter the trajectory of your morning and turn a seemingly carefree day into an absolute nightmare. In the incredibly hectic city that is London whenever something goes wrong, it can feel as though there is no one willing to help as everyone seems too busy worrying about their own issues to lend you a hand. You might be sat there thinking "well how on Earth do I turn this around and cheer myself up? Alcohol?"
I'm sure that's most people's go-to choice. Head down to he pub to drown your sorrows in ale or wine.
Well I have a suggestion for you. Take part in a pub quiz. I can tell you now that even the most irritating and trying day can be turned around by spending an evening with a few mates laughing at how little you know about the periodic table or trying to truly decide what "coastline" actually means.
No matter what's happened, no matter if you've been fired from work, had your football team relegated, or just had someone really grind your gears - there's no better medicine than good old fashioned popular knowledge trivia questions to remind you it's really not that bad; it'll eventually be OK.
Grab a pint and a mate or two and do yourself the solid of having a hell of laugh and a wicked time. I know I just did and I was the quizmaster.

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