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What are the odds.....:

Tok A

On having a fantastic time when you go to a Question One pub quiz? Very, very high! Imagine being a group of friends who went to Uni together but, because of life's travails taking us all naturally in different directions, it's been over two years since you've all seen each other. You have a little very day out in London seeing sights and catching up and then you think to yourselves "What would make this reunion special and complete?" Well, if you're as innovative and forward thinking as six young people I met from Southampton and Canada - you'd google where in South London to find a good pub quiz and you'd end up at Question One!

You would then all head to one of the many many pubs that Question One hosts at, give a mere £2 each to take part, and then play to the death amongst other like minded smart revellers for a chance to win a £50 bar tab or a £100 jackpot!

That was the story of two teams that I met last night. Neither team had ever done a pub quiz before and yet by chance found a Question One quiz! They both won the top two prizes with one team walking away with a £100 in a card game with a 1 in 5 chance of winning.

Now I'm not a rocket scientist or a mathematician, but I always knew that when it comes to a Question One evening, the odds of mirth and joy are in everyone's favour!

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