Clapton Hart Tue, Jul 17 2018 20:00

Furious Scribbling Gets The Nerds Their Revenge!

Jason C

After several attempts, and coming oh so close every time, it was "The Scribbling Revenge of the Nerds" who came out top this week - by half a point! In a contest that looked all sewn up at the first round, under enormous pressure "The Scribbling Revenge of the Nerds" came from behind for their glorious victory. The Jackpot remained unclaimed as "Whatevs" fell at the second card and an exciting tiebreaker question for the bottle of wine meant that newcomers "Give Peas a Chance" took off with their bottle of wine. See you next week for another contest of the craniums at The Clapton Hart.

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The Scribbling Revenge of the Nerds
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