Clapton Hart Tue, Aug 07 2018 20:00

"Quiz On Your Face" Triumph With No Egg On Their Face!

Andrew P

A real mix of scores was to be seen at The Clapton Hart on a good spirited and fun night of Quizzing! "Quiz on your face" took the plaudits with 39 points but Quizzing itself was also a winner due to the number of new teams who had a really good time, with The "Fantastic 4" (of which there were three!) going home with the bottle of wine. The teams loved that the hunter in Bambi was voted in the 50 greatest villains in the US film history (clearly not too soon?), they were richer for knowing that the Mark Twain novel was called 'Prince and the Pauper' and that video game franchise 'Final Fantasy' was really milking it and on their 15th edition! How ironic. With a very new look quiz team sheet, one can only hope that next week we get a few from last week back and have a real battle of the minds between the old and the new!

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