Clifton, Bristol Wed, Feb 28 2018 20:00

As Cold As Quiz

Sean D

As the bitingly cold storm made it's presence known with a sharp wind cutting through ours bones and frozen flakes wisping around, searching for their unknown destinations, slowly quizzers escaped the harsh weather to enter a new storm for their brains. Despite the Clifton's heating system temporarily ceasing to be of any aid, or use, tonight's players quickly warmed up by becoming more animated with each mental challenge thrust at them (and also the consumption of alcohol may have been of some assistance). A gluttony of prizes were gleefully received as many questions were correctly answered yet it was only the winning team who were able to find the elusive Alanis Morrissette which was key to them becoming victors. Will they retain their title next week? Only one way to find out - come and join us! See you there! :)

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