Clifton, Bristol Wed, Jun 27 2018 20:00

Brazilian Heat

Sean D

Towards the end of a hot day we began The Clifton Quiz as Brazil were beating Serbia in the World Cup on the televisions positioned throughout the bar. The enduring heat, which has been oppressing us all continually for days, was clearly not strong enough to keep Quizzers from striving to win the illustrious £30 bar tab at The Clifton this Wednesday. In fact it would appear that the high temperature merely made the Quizzers' collective brain energy more supple as we witnessed a 24 point triumph from 'Tom Hanks's Canadian, American and Mexican Road Trip' securing them the aforementioned bar tab and for a bottle of wine to be grabbed by the furiously hot thinking from 'John and his Puppy'. Suffice to say that all involved have now returned home to wallow in a bath of ice-cubes. Phew!

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