Clifton, Bristol Wed, May 30 2018 20:00

Tom Hanks

Sean D

'L.A.R.D.S' were this weeks winners, gaining a £30 bar tab, finishing one mere point ahead of the two teams tied in second. One of the teams finishing on 27 points were 'Long Island Iced Tom Hanks' who have incorporated the name Tom Hanks into their team name for months and tonight was the first time there was a question about Tom Hanks which they managed to get completely wrong. For this, Team Tom Hanks won the best team name prize purely for the utter shame. There was a tie break for the bottle of wine to be one by the team finishing one from last and a furious game of Paper, Scissors, Stone was held, but 'Quizzing Me Softly' came out as victors.

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