Clifton, Bristol Wed, Mar 21 2018 20:00

Zuckerberg's Lawyers Triumph

Sean D

The Clifton was once more ablaze with electric brains digging out knowledge previously hidden in the many filing cabinets collecting dust within. 'Zuckerberg's Lawyers' were the triumphant winners, gaining themselves a £30 bar tab. Finishing not-quite-last and taking home a bottle of wine were the 'Queefing Queens' whilst free beverages flowed to the 'This Space Has Been Intentionally Left Blank' and we all have high hopes for the return of '3 Blind Mice' next week. More drinks were given as prizes to individuals in the surprisingly tough bonus questions in that no one could correctly answer the first 2 of them. If you reckon you can take on 'The Clifton Quiz' then we will see you next Wednesday at 8 pm! :)

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