Clock House Tue, Mar 14 2017 20:30

Are You A Wittertainee?

Simon J

...I ask one quizzer this evening, as we talked movies. "A what?" she said..."Do you listen to Wittertainment?"
Blank expression....
"Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo on Radio 5"...I said..."Oh, he's so boring that Mark Kermode" she said....
It was at this point I guessed that we were not going to be saying hello to Jason Issacs...But that didn't stop us all having a jolly @The Clockhouse like wot we always do on a Tuesday evening...

4 regular teams battled it out for top spot with all 4 being closely placed at the break...JOSH of EVERYONES A WINNER took the 1st FREE DRINK VOUCHER of the EVENING....(Procecco for him) sipping away he was as the 2nd half began...

By the end of that 2nd half the scores were not as close...

Winners this evening?...4XXXXs....PAT, ALBERT & BOB not only nabbed the CASH JP of £41.00, but also THE MILLIONAIR MAKER TICKET.

BOTTLE OF WINE went to THE LAMMINGTONS...who I'm sure will enjoy that at next weeks quiz....
BAG O CRISPS x 2 went to...KANES NOT ABLE & EVERYONES A WINNER....well we couldn't have 1 team leaving with nothing now could we?

MARK of KANES NOT ABLE took the 2nd half FREE DRINK VOUCHER...well done to you sir...


till next time

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