Clock House Tue, Aug 29 2017 20:30

Bake Off - Shmake Off

Simon J

6 teams at THE CLOCKHOUSE quiz tonight proved that you don't need Haul Pollywood and some chefs in a tent to have a good time...

Not many teams come to THE CLOCKHOUSE, win and take all but that's what 3 PEOPLE & A PREGNANT LADY did...nearly.... Scooping the MILLIONAIRE MAKER TICKET with good Teletubbie knowledge and then piping 4XXXX's to the top spot with great McDonalds knowledge...maybe a pregnant craving for Big Macs can be a positive???

They took home a lovely BOTTLE OF WINE in the ENVELOPE CHOICE....Which means the CASH JP rollover will be £123.00 + next week, (Very close to our all time record amount)

2nd place 4XXXX's were good value for 2nd place and JOY & SHIRLEY or THELMA & LOUISE as there known in these parts gladly excepted the " Thanks for Playing" BAR SNACK VOUCHER

FREE DRINKS went to ALBERT of 4XXXX's and STUART of GOOOOOD MORNING replace the one he spilt all over his teams answer sheet....And who says Pub Quizzes are not eventful???

Till Next Time...

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