Clock House Tue, Feb 09 2016 20:30

Everyone's a Winner Baby...

Simon J

...Down @ The Clock House... Well, they were tonight with only 3 teams testing out the grey matter. But that matters not one jot, there were prizes to be won, and won they were. The only question is, by whom?

Well. looking back it was quite an even split...

Past & Present took both FREE DRINKS vouchers...and the consolation bag o' crisps to go with them...nice!!!

4xxxx's took runners up spot, so the Red wine was theirs + the MILLIONAIRE MAKER question as well...Good luck with that fellas.

That just left The ENVELOPE CHOICE for the quiz winners... £2.90 RICHER....and with £10.00 in the JP kitty, the £50 BAR TAB looked the one to choose....and choose the BAR TAB they did....HOORAY!!!

So like the link you clicked says... EVERYONE'S A WINNER BABY....Only at The Clock House...

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