Clock House Tue, Jul 12 2016 20:30

Full House at the Clock House

Jodyanne F

It was a busy evening at the Clockhouse tonight with almost every table taken. Much banter between the teams with some heated debate on the point of the riddle. Majority rule in the end - democracy in action.
Bonus drink in round one was won by 'Andrea Leadsom's Henchmen' with their nearest to guess and in round two by 'The Gemstones' who knew all about Heterochromiairidium. The anagram question brought silent focus to the room (you could have heard a pin drop) with the lovely ladies of 'The Slingbacks' rugby team finally cracking it first to scoop up the bonus points.
Final scores were oh so close!
Second to last bar snack prize was happily nabbed by 'The Slingbacks' whilst the second prize bottle of house wine went to 'Ooh, Penguins!'. The ultimate winners were regulars tonight going by the name of 'Andrea Leadsom's Henchmen'. They picked the Prosecco prize which, combined with their Prosecco win of last week, has set them up nicely for a picnic at Lords this Friday when they're off to watch England vs Pakistan.

Perhaps we can thank Monty Python for everyone being au fait with coconut shells but no one knew of Northfields. The jackpot was not won so has rolled over for another week. It's getting to be quite hefty...

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