Clock House Tue, Jan 12 2016 20:30

Some Things Never Change!!!

Simon J

So, I've been away for seven weeks (Many thanks to all the Quiz-Masters who covered for me). On my return to The ClockHouse for quiztime on a Tuesday I discovered the above is true. The weather was still the same - WET... The Staff were still lovely, and quizzing is still fun.... AND - Winners are still Winners!!!

Well done to Stu, Mark & Rick this week coming together under the guise of ALL THE YOUNG DUDES. Even though they were 3 men down they still manages to hold off a spirited challenge from all the other teams in what was a closely fought quiz from start to finish.

Well done too, to, PAST & PRESENT. Semi regular quizzers @ The Clockhouse who won my 1st BONUS POINTS question of 2016... gone is the Sweetie Bag as a prize, (We've all had to much of those over Christmas). In its place the chance for one team to become MILLIONAIRES as they won a EUROMILLIONS LOTTERY TICKET... Can you imagine if they win....

Reporter: "And how did you come about the lucky ticket"
P&P: "Well we have answered a question in The Question One quiz @The Clockhouse and it changed our lives forever"...#goodluckfolks

So spread the word - Quizing at The Clockhouse on a Tuesday Night could...could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams ;)

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