Clock House Tue, Jul 11 2017 20:30

Sophie's Choice....IS...She want's her picture on the website!!!

Simon J

...But more of that later...

Firstly a big thank you to all the quiz players who braved the tercentennial rain to make it to The Clockhouse quiz this Tuesday evening... It made for a good quiz...

LEFT HANDED ARM WRESTLE took the spoils this week with a magnificent score, highest we've had for a long time. They were worthy winners leading at the 1/2 way stage too... A BOTTLE OF PROSECCO were the victors chosen spoils this week in the envelope choice. They also picked up the MILLIONAIRE MAKER TICKET too on a question about rainfall...Oh the irony.

2nd place BOTTLE OF WINE went to returning team EVERYONE'S A WINNER! (good to see you again guys). Team Captain SOPHIE (self proclaimed) demanding her, *cough...sorry THEIR picture be taken for the twitter page... and as if by magic - it is done...

FREE SNACK TIME went to PISSED NEW PARENTS who have just had a bouncing baby girl...WD to you both...

Our FREE DRINK WINNERS this week were PAUL of LHAW, and Elle of EAW fame...

The Cash JP goes up to £64.00 and is there to be won....So why not join us next Tuesday evening...

Till next time...

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