Clock House Tue, Jan 17 2017 20:30

The rodent that just missed the train

James H

Another great evening at The Clock House on Peckham Rye saw another pairing of non regulars just lift the prize of a Fifty Pound voucher to spend on food and drink in this wonderful establishment.

We had 6 teams this evening, all of whom at least either won extra points or prizes.

The Undecided began their assault on the quiz by picking up a bonus for the best name chosen by an unexpecting client who was enjoying a quiet drink in the other bar until I thrust the list of 6 names in front of him. The team were new to doing a quiz but clearly enjoyed themselves.

By halfway through, although we had a team clearly in the lead, all the teams were only separated by 4 points. However, even though they were not in the lead on points the team holding the moral high ground were regulars The 4XXXXs who had won the first free drink.

This continued into the second half as for the second week in a row they scooped the prize of the "winning" lottery ticket by getting closest too in a relevant question.

As usual the biggest cheer of the evening was for Any Other Day who were in a fierce battle with The Undecided but were victorious in coming second last and taking the coveted prize of a packet of Crisps.

In the end the quiz came down to a solitary half point with the Mouse Rat scoring 40 out of a possible 48 points being pipped to the first prize choice by Train to Brazil who scored a victorious 40.5.

Who knew that nobody in the room knew the name of the chef from Faulty Towers and it was only a lucky guess that earned the second free drink of the evening, going to the Road Diggers on the Rye.

And finally with 2 questions this evening involving faeces, everyone thought I was taking the proverbial', leaving the teams in the kind of manure that made up this week's catchphrase.

So a great night. I can't wait until I do another.


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