Clock House Tue, Jul 18 2017 20:30

Tight Purple Shorts.....And A Pork-Pie!!!

Simon J

A great night down at the Clockhouse this evening Saw or regular Gents DR WHOMB claim top spot in a hard fought quiz....Did they time travel to get the answeres? Maybe...They took the £50 BAR TAB so will be back next week for sure defending their title....which means the CASH JP is still up for grabs, but more on that later...

JAMES FRANKLANDS TIGHT PURPLE SHORTS squeezed into 2nd place to take the BOTTLE OF WINE...and a quick twirl of said shorts left little to the diagram required....

THE LAMINGTONS took the "thanks for playing" FREE BAR SNACK... with JOY reckoning she could get a PORK-PIE with the voucher...Yeah good luck with that JOY.

The MILLIONAIRE MAKER winners this week were regulars 4XXXX's...triple roll-over up for grabs I wish you all the luck Gents...

THE CASH JP stands at £84.00...That could well be over a one-er come next why don't YOU come next week to quiz with us @ The Clockhouse...

Till next time....

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