Clock House Tue, Jan 10 2017 20:30

What a Flapdoodle

James H

Another great evening at the Clock House saw one lucky couple take the prize.

However, this evening it was evenly matched in so many ways. We had teams all scoring closely in groups and we had an equal number of men and women competing. Two teams of five, one all of men (The Giant Killers) the other all of women (Pinot Noir Roseanne Barr), as well as two teams of two, one both male (4xxxxs) and the other both female (The Lammingtons). Finally we had two teams splitting the genders evenly in the form of a team of four who got bonus points for their exquisite name of The Devout Quiztions and a pairing named Flapdoodle.

And it was Flapdoodle who in the second half pulled ahead to take the prize. However, unlike previous winners of this quiz they managed to scoop the Jackpot which had climbed to a very respectable £109. So a great night for the.

But it wasn't just a great night for them, but also for others too. The Giant Killers soaked up a bottle of wine between, as well as one of the free drink prizes. The Lammingtons between them picked up bonus points for getting the answer to the anagram question right first. In fact they got it in under 15 seconds, so I think they will be making and appearance on Countdown sometime soon. And finally the team that ended up being "tail gunner charlie" bagged a winning lottery ticket (I say winning because they won it!) for coming closest in the "closest too" question.

So with all this going on the only thing left to do was a Mannequin Challenge - the results you can see at and click on video link on my visitor post sent dated today.

Next week the jackpot begins again, but fun never ends.....

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