Clock House Tue, Feb 16 2016 20:30


Simon J

Question: What's your favourite Rocky movie? For me its Rocky III...Clubber Lang, Thunderlips, Rocky trained by Apollo...What's not to love. In the film, Rocky defends his title, successfully, ten times... And The Clock House quiz in 2016 is slowly turning into this section of Rocky III.

Victors, again this week, were our ever photogenic gentlemen who this week were calling themselves IT'S COLD ON THE PICKET LINE. However, they did not have it all their own way... trailing at Half Time to (this weeks Clubber Lang's), The 4xxxx's by a fair bit. But the knock-out blow came in the dreaded 2nd half, where ICOTPL scooped the 2pt bonus MILLIONAIRE MAKER question and got the anagram first too, scooping more bonus points....Well done gents (but it's -2 next week)

Picking the JP envelope gave the gents a £30.00 cash prize to take home, not bad for a nights work, eh?

Making their 1st appearance of 2016, PINOT NOIR ROSANNE BARR scooped the bag of crisps (for bag of crisps see bowl of nuts) with GABRIELLE also taking a FREE DRINK VOUCHER for her troubles...Well done ladies.

Great to see new players KANYE FOR PRESIDENT & TWO SOUTHERNERS & A LOST NORTHERNER...Hope to see you quizzing again soon.

Till next week....

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