Colton Arms Mon, Mar 05 2018 20:00

A Tight Finish For The Well Oiled Virgins...

Jon B

A good night at The Colton, with some new faces and the reappearance of 'Paceys Mom', and the newly names 'Well Oiled Virgins'. An easy start, but after the first ten questions, things started to get a little trickier for all team other than the 'Well Oiled Virgins', who managed an impressive 19.5 points. However, the tough anagram stumped all but two of the teams (maybe all too young to remember Cyndy Lauper?) and the battle got tighter towards the end, with 'The Best From The West' running 'Pacyes Mom' and the 'Well Oiled Virgins' into a a close finish, but the Virgins were just too far ahead to catch and took the £50 first prize. The envelope question required a guess of how many words in 'The Fellowship of the Ring', and with the promise of one envelope being taken out if anyone got within 1000, the calculations started. Amazingly, someone got to within 800, but failed to find the winning ticket from the choice of just four, so the jackpot rolls over again… :)

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