Colton Arms Mon, Jul 10 2017 20:00

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie....

Jon B

The Colton Arms quiz finally hit the 40+ mark yesterday, and with a varied crowd comprised of lots of different ages and nationalities, it was always going to be a tight battle. Very disappointing to find out the under 25’s were unable to identify the great Pink Floyd, or that anyone knew when the British Empire was at its strongest, but the real shock of the night came at the end when Quizlamic State, a small team of three educated solely in Australia, kicked everyone’s backsides with a winning 34 points. And there was me thinking they were only interested in cricket and rugby…Great performance from the Aussies. And finally, for once, the jackpot was not won, meaning there should be a fair amount in the pot, so give Jason and his team a call and book a table for next week.

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