Colton Arms Mon, Jul 02 2018 20:00

Belgium 3...12 Japangry Men Won

Jon B

Another hot night at The Colton, and with a lot of the garden taken by Belgian football supporters, we had to make do with the cosy inside! No shortage of players though, with previous champs '12 Japangry Men' (new name) taking on 'Quiz in my Pants', 'The Colour Turquiz' and 'Ronaldoh', it was going to be a competitive night. As ever, a high scoring first half gave nothing away, but we all know the combination of more Rose and tough questions usually takes it’s toll on one or two, and 'Quiz in My Pants' certainly showed signs of the former. In the end, the might of '12 Japangry Men' was too much and with a record equalling 43 points, they took the £50 champs prize. Runners-up 'The Colour Turquiz' were not to be denied a prize and delivered on the envelope game, giving them a chance of two wins in two weeks. The lucky top envelope worked last week, but someone tried to change a winning formula, and there’s never a prize in envelope number two. So the jackpot rolls over this week!

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