Colton Arms Mon, Oct 16 2017 20:00

Beyond The Hambone

Jon B

A quiet night at The Colton, but as sure as night follows a red misted day, 'Paceys Mom' took their place looking to make a bit of History and record a 5th victory on the go. Lined up to shatter their dreams, the self-explanatory 'Meet the Parent’s' (could they concentrate with all that additional pressure?), 'Just in Time' (who were late), 'Ello Ello' (half Hungary) and 'Er Purpone' (100% Italian). 'Paceys Mom' looked confident, but stuttered in the first half, conceding a two point lead to 'Just in Time'. However, here is a team educated at Cambridge, who I imagine watch University Challenge for fun AND answer some of the questions, and the second half brought out their inner nerd, scoring a solid 18 points and putting the other teams to the sword. Interesting to note that despite their education, 'Paceys Mom' also like MMA and identified Ronda Rousey, and answer that confirmed their status as Champions. Another £50 bagged. But despite their huge brains, they were exposed by the envelope question, believing that the smallest waist could be as little as 28 cm. Come on 'Paceys Mom', are you serious? Our Italian friends guessed closest (it’s actually 38 cm), but were fooled by the old “bottom envelope” trick, so the jackpots rolls over…

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