Colton Arms Mon, Jul 17 2017 20:00

Does Wine and Beer make you cleverer?

Jon B

Another balmy night at the Colton, and a mainly alfresco quiz in the garden. Quizlamic State, the Aussie champions, stayed inside and kept their focus whilst outside the rose and lager was flowing, which I used to think had a beneficial effect (am I the only person that has enjoyed “success” at Trivial Pursuit in the early hours?). Sadly for the UK based teams, my theory was seriously undermined, and the Australians came through with another resounding victory. They will be back next week for a final defence – can anyone send them back to Melbourne with their tails between their legs? With manager Jason’s “Derren Brown” guidance, we managed to roll over the envelope jackpot (it’s all in the placement, you know), so next week there should be £100 + up for grabs. Can anyone work out our strategy and take the cash?

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