Colton Arms Mon, Jan 22 2018 20:00

England Thrash the Aussies...

Jon B

A good night at The Colton, with several previous champions fighting it out for the spoils. 'The Naked Disney Princesses' have been unchallenged for a couple of weeks, but 'Paceys Mom' looked composed from the start with their new look team now including two girls, which surely raises their average IQ by a few points?! The Aussies from 'Quizlamic State' returned as well, and with the prospect of a question about “Victorian Place Names “, they surely had a potential advantage (not a popular question with the remainder of the quizzers through!) Sadly for them, however, and like their Australian one day cricket mates, they were not up to the job, and the All English 'Paceys Mom', like their one day English pals, handed them a lesson. Not quite the one day whitewash we expect to happen down under, but a convincing return to winning ways for 'Pacey’s Mom'. To round of the night, a question about how much bigger Australia is than the UK, and 'You’re A Quizzard Harry' guessed brilliantly to earn them a shot at the envelope game. We’ve changed tack and put it on the top now, but like plenty of the previous weeks, people just can’t stop themselves going down the middle, so the jackpot rolls over…!!!

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