Colton Arms Mon, Jun 25 2018 20:00

Feeling hot, hot hot...

Jon B

A baking night at The Colton, and although we were missing a few familiar faces, it felt like a competitive night in the making. 'The Queens of the Manor' were there to win for Emma, who was celebrating her birthday, but 'Happy Birthday Emma' were going to do their best to ruin the party, and 'Mickey and Friends' and 'Hopeless' Again were certainly not there to make up the numbers. A pretty even first half with plenty of high scores, but we know the second half is never as easy, and the only team who kept up their scoring was the 'Queens of the Manor', scorching home with 33 points. ON to the envelope question, and teams needed to work out how low 1 billion seconds last, and incredibly enough, one team got within a few months (to qualify how good this is, another team was over 1800 years out!) 'Happy Birthday Emma' were the clever ones, and even smarter to pick the correct envelope, and scoop the £100+ cash prize. At The Colton Arms, we are far too generous….

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The Queens of the Manor
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See Emily Play
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