Colton Arms Mon, Jan 08 2018 20:00

Finally, the Aussies get the beating they deserve

Jon B

The first quiz of 2018 was a little quiet, but a few new faces meant is was still a competitive night. 'Quizlamic State', previous Australian Champions were back in full force and full of beans after the lucky Steve Smith fluked a few more jammy runs and fortuitously won back the Ashes. (booo) They weren’t the only Aussies in the pub ready to rub our noses in it - First Time Clutching boasted a couple of ockers of their own! However, despite a strong first half from both teams, there were not able to keep up with 'The Bitcoin Slot Jockeys' whose all round knowledge and speed at the anagram meant they scored a deserved victory with …er..33 points. No records there, then! The envelope game produced a few wild guesses for how many singles were sold by the Teletubbies in their single released back in 1997. Considering the all time record was in the same year (re-release of Candle in the Wind) and that only manged a paltry 4.8m, guesses of 7m and 12.5m were comically wide of the mark. In the end, it was 'The Unstable Geniuses' who got closest, but what do you know? They failed to recognize the winning ticket is ALWAYS ON THE BOTTOM! Jackpot goes up to nearly £250, so well worth a visit next week!

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