Colton Arms Mon, Jul 24 2017 20:00

Just like the Ashes in 2005...

Jon B

Another good night at The Colton, and Quizlamic state returned to see if they could achieve the “turkey”. The team from down under would be losing their talisman back to Melbourne shortly after the quiz, so was this to be a night where legend was written? They shared the lead at half time, but the pressure from the Clitoris Allsorts in the second half was just too much. In the end, it might only have been 3 and a half points, but the look of dejection on Quizlamics faces was reminiscent of Brett Lee back in 2005 after we stuffed the Baggy Greens following years of Australian dominance. Jason’s envelope trickery kept the jackpot alive for another week – can anyone work out his tactics? There’s about £150 that says you can’t next week…

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