Colton Arms Mon, Aug 12 2019 20:00

Manic Monday!

Patsy P

Intense and competitive tonight at The Colton Arms with practically a full house and seven teams going toe to toe for prizes. It was too close to call at the interval with a tie for last place between 'The Magicals' and 'Where Are The Menzies' and also a tie for first between 'Put Something Down' and 'I Have A Call At Eight'. But in the end, after yours truly had mangled The Bangles, 'I Have A Call At Eight' were victorious on a magnificent 33 points to take the £50 bar tab and 'The Magicals' improved just enough to take a house bottle away for second to last. Peter from 'Where Are The Menzies' came up to play the jackpot envelope game but couldn't locate the winner, so we have a fab little roll over of £33 to play for next week. See you then!

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