Colton Arms Mon, May 14 2018 20:00

Money, money money...

Jon B

A quiet night at the Colton, but I would say it was a quality rather than quantity night! 'Nobody Expected the Spanish Inquizition' looked like the team to beat but having checked out the potential opposition, 'Three and a Half Men' took the last minute decision to join, obviously fancying their chances. 'Trumps pull out game is stronger than Mine' had a decent first half, but the two original favourites seemed, quite literally, to have an answer for everything, both scoring over 20 points. The second half, as ever, was a little harder, and the lesser teams fell away to leave NETSI and TAAHM scrapping it out until the bitter end with a nail-biting tie breaker. It was 'Three and a half Men' who came through with better knowledge of Basketball players heights, and scooping the £50 top prize. However, with around £300 in the jackpot fund, did anyone really care about anything other than the envelope question? Some varied answer about the circumference of the moon (150,000km was quite…er…out there) but surprise, surprise, the accidental quizzers TAAHM got closest, and in a moment of clarity, discovered my fiendish plan of hiding the winning envelope on the top and ended up taking home £300! Couldn’t have gone to a nicer bunch of lads… :))

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