Colton Arms Mon, Nov 06 2017 20:00

Pacey vs Spacey

Jon B

The Colton Arms had an atmosphere about it last night, as 'Paceys Mom' arrived in order to make it 8 on the bounce. Such is their reputation, teams have even started targeting their team name, with "'Paceys Mom'? More like Spaceys Tongue” weighing in for battle. We’ve sent our cricket squad out to Australia to do battle, leaving space in the UK for a few more Aussies to get in, and 7 of them arrived to unsettle the British dominance, but would there be enough questions about Fosters lager and Neighbours to keep them in touch? Not a tough start for everyone with a simple questions about cocktails and World Wars easily answered, and the first half saw 'Paceys Mom' a narrow second to 'The Coltons Legs', but the second half was harder, and' Paceys Mom' showed that they might be human after all. Favorite question of the night (A wise cracking boiler technician teaches high school students to believe in their dreams) fooled everyone except for the Aussies (for the record and the Ashes aside, I bloody love them for getting this one), but they were not quite strong enough to challenge the top two, and for once, 'Pacey Mom' were beaten into second place. Back to the drawing board lads, it was fun while it lasted, but 'The Colton Legs' are Champions now...
'Spaceys Tongue' got closest in the envelope question, but like their namesake, they made a bad choice, so the jackpot remains intact for another week...

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