Colton Arms Mon, Oct 09 2017 20:00

Paceys Mom has STILL got it going on...

Jon B

Another good night at The Colton, and returning champions 'Paceys Mom' kicked off their title defense with just Pacey plus one, and the promise of another team mate to join later. That’s confidence for you. 'Beaucoup Harem' also returned with a smaller team, and with a few new faces, it looked to be a competitive night. The first half looked tough to me, but the front runners found it easy going. Not so 'Time You Got a Watch' who clearly worry too much about the time and not the answers, and struggled to break double figures! Worryingly, several teams thought 11 Countries have a nuclear bomb, which makes any concerns about the time pale into insignificance! There were a few queries over people visiting The Moon, and is the bathroom really the most dangerous room in the house (“I think I would rather confront a psycho in the bathroom than the kitchen” and don’t rather a lot of people die in their beds while sleeping?), but in the end, 'Paceys Mom' were just too strong again and completed the four beggar. Will Pacey turn up on his own next week to make this fair or will a challenger rise up? The Colton's second last 'Shi***st Winner' prize was won by 'A Generic Team Name', who celebrated with their free bottle of Prosecco , as if that was their original target!. The offer of a reduced choice for the envelope question was there for anyone who got the right number of “under ones” recorded in the 2011 consensus, but oddly, no one got within 40,000. 'Beaucoup Harem' were the closest, but they had no chance against a back in form Jason, so the Jackpot goes up to over £100.

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