Colton Arms Mon, Mar 12 2018 20:00

Putins and Pollocks

Jon B

A cracker of a night at the Colton Arms, and pretty much a full house. Lots of old champions and a few new faces battled out an interesting opening round, with scores ranging from a rather low 8 (we’ll keep that team name a secret) up to an impressive 18 from 'Comrade Putins Soothing Nerve Tonic'. After we established most of the teams knew what the area between the anus and scrotum was called, a few less knew what fruit came from the Aztec named Testicle tree. I was impressed to find quite a few could identify Jackson’s Bollocks, I mean Pollock’s Painting, No 5, showing the good all-round knowledge needed for a quiz like this! In the end, 'Pacey’s Mom' and 'Putins Poisoners' were outrun by 'Comrade Putins Soothing Nerve Tonic' who scored an impressive 39 points. Special mention, however, must go to Barons Thought, who guessed for the envelope question that the Titanic came to it’s resting place 24,000 meters under the ocean surface. Wow. 'Quizteama Aguilera' guessed closest for the second week running but again failed to locate the right envelope that was hiding…on the bottom (again), so the Jackpot goes up to over £140!!!

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