Colton Arms Mon, Nov 27 2017 20:00

Something fishy

Jon B

A fishy night at The Colton Arms, with teams being challenged to name themselves after famous people that sound Of course the ever present 'Pacey’s Mom' inserted an 'L' to make 'Plaicey’s Mom' (good), but 'Any Actor could be a Gruper' didn’t quite understand the directive, but a little bit of satire is always welcome. The questions looked quite easy in parts, but if you didn’t know your Rock, you were always going to be in trouble on this one – Iron Maiden, AC/DC, the White stripes and Oasis all featured, and most of this lot seemed oblivious to this musical style. No trouble with identifying Grease Lightening though, so I guess we found their level! In the end, 'Plaicey’s Mom' proved to be the big fish in the small pond, making the rest look like plankton, other than maybe pun of the night Mackerel Jackson, who scooped the bottle of prosecco, and correctly “guessed” the height of the Eiffel Tower, enabling them a shot at the envelopes. But when will anyone learn? #onthebottomeverytime.
£190 says no one gets it next week either

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Plaicey's Mom
The Real Swim Shadiies
Prince Halibut to MArry Meghan MAckerel
Any actor could be called a Gruper
Mackerel Jackson
Daniel Craigfish