Colton Arms Mon, Apr 23 2018 20:00

The envelope rolls over to nearly £300!!

Jon B

A noisy night at The Colton Arms, with lots of previous winners fighting it out for the top dog spot. 'Nobody Expects the Spanish inQUIZition' (NETSI) looked like the favourites, but 'John and the Harem' and FTS (please don’t’ ask) looked like they might have a say in the final result. The anagram looked easy to start the second half, but it took most of the team a fair old time to get that, and it started the second half of attrition, with some teams scoring as little as 4 points! NETSI pulled all the stops out to win a tie break on 34 points and scooping the £50. The envelope question was won by 'John and the Harem', but they failed to find the right envelope, which was, as it is nearly always, hidden on the top “I knew it was going to be there” they shouted, but they didn’t, did they, and it rolls over to next wee with nearly £300 in the pot!

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