Colton Arms Mon, Nov 20 2017 20:00

The first sight of 'Joe Root's Back Foot Cover Drive'

Jon B

A competitive night at The Colton, with the heat of the competition only bettered by the heat from the open fire phew. 'Pacey’s Mom' appeared to have been scared off by the loss of two on the bounce, but on closer inspection, a close relative of 'Pacey's Mom' was there, playing as 'The RePACEments'. Nice work. After requesting that teams put in some thought into their team names, previous winners 'The Colton’s Legs' renamed to the catchy 'Zimbab We Winning, Muga Be Losing', but the team called 'TBC' obviously failed to hear the directive. Moving on, the first half was close with the score of 16 being rather too good to be coming last. Amazingly, for a free drink a lady from Bratislava identified Bratislava as the capital of Slovakia (wow) and when I asked a question about the “Spirit of Australia” and a team who all worked for Quantas started giggling. What are the chances? The second half was tougher, as always, and the young crowd had embarrassingly never heard of a cross your heart bra, making two of us feel rather old! Incredibly, when asked the least used letter in English, some of them came up with 'J' – just jog on you jackass jokers …
In the end, 'Zimbab We Winning' scraped home with 36 points, and the second last bottle of prosecco went to “Joe Roots Back foot Cover Drive”. and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of them in the coming weeks (it’ll be 0-5, Pidge, not 5-0). Envelope game was not won (How many times must I tell you it’s on the bottom?), so jackpot rolls over to nearly £170…

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