Colton Arms Mon, Dec 18 2017 20:00

The Last Quiz before Quizmas...

Jon B

So, the last quiz before Christmas, and a combination of some old faces and some accidental quizzers made for a lovely evening. 'Dachshund through the Snow' accompanied by their small dog and a full complement of Christmas jumpers looked like the pre quiz favorites and performed well in the first half, but 'One in Six' kept in touch by singing their rendition of Hitler has only got one Ball for a bonus point. Some interesting thoughts on which Children’s character’s father was baked in a pie, with answers including Tom Thumb and Sweeny Todd (surely not even Sweeny would put his own dad in one of his pies?), and one team mistook an old photo of Wayne Rooney for Justin Bieber...too much Christmas spirit there, I think. The second half proved tougher for most teams, although 'One in Six' came through the test with flying colors, winning by 6 points! On to the envelope game, and with Christmas round the corner, any guesses within 20% of the right answer would mean an envelope would be taken away from the 4 empty ones. Two good guesses, and 'One in Six' were the closest, meaning a one in three chance of a massive jackpot win. Surely, the bottom spot was now easy to pick? I mean, it’s always on the bottom… But inexplicably, they went for the top spot, and the jackpot rolls over to 2018.

Happy Christmas to you all, have a great new year, and quizzing will resume on Monday 8th.

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One in Six
Daschund Through the snow
Stephen Hawkins Karaoke Machine
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