Colton Arms Mon, Oct 30 2017 20:00

The Magnifcent Seven

Jon B

The Colton had a Halloween feel to it last night, but nothing spooky about Paceys Mom turning up again and looking for a magnificent Seven wins on the trot. The brought some extra help along, but we don’t like teams over six, so Pacey ostracised his three girl friends to fight on another team…surely not a wise move! Taking on Paceys Mom, we had Kevin Spaceys Mum (very good work there), Sons of Witches (not bad) Quizabeth II (a bit laboured) and amongst a few others, the ever present Quiz on My Face. A tight first half, with a few teams exposed on their knowledge of how the century’s work (no, the 20th Century did not finish in 1999!), and the second half saw an outrageous attempt to gain extra points with an alternative answer to the ditloid (British Motors sold, rather than Big Macs…) but the quiz masters word is always final, Paceys Mom would do well to remember that. The result was not changed, and Paceys Mom have now achieved the Magnificent Seven. Can someone come down to the Colton and knock them off their pedestal? No luck with the Jackpot, again, when will teams learn to pick the bottom one? Around £150 rides on to next week…

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